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During the November to December 2015 period, the South African Field Conference (SAFC) was blessed to be visited by brethren Brother PD Lausevic the 1 st GC Vice President, M Henda the Southern African Regional Secretary and D Balbach The Project Leader for the 2016/17 Canvassing Project-South African. 

1. Port Elizabeth

On the 20 th to the 22 st November 2015, the GC Vice President visited the Port Elizabeth Church in the Eastern Cape Province. This meeting was attended by church members from the Eastern and Western Cape provinces. Church members in this area took effort to invite friends, family members, former church members and neighbours. 

 The Theme of the Spiritual meeting was “Revival and Reformation” On Sabbath the Divine Service Sermon and the Afternoon Service messages were delivered by Brother PD Lausevic. Special focus was given to the Youth to encourage them to enlist in the service of the Lord. In addition to this the “2016/17 Bible Worker and Canvassing Seminar planned to take place in, Johannesburg was introduced. After Sabbath a further session was held with the youth to give them advice on methods of success in the Spiritual and Secular perspective.  This also provided them with an opportunity to have questions and issues challenging their spiritual lives to be answered.

2. Johannesburg

On the 21 st November 2015 a Youth Spiritual meeting was held at Bezvalley in Johannesburg. This meeting was well attended by over 130 attendees made up of the youth, elderly church members, visitors and the community. The chapel was full to capacity such that children had to occupy the stage to provide seating space for adults.

The Spirit of the Lord prevailed throughout the Sabbath day services as God’s servants were moved to deliver the message prepared for the Church.  During the Divine Service Brother D Balbach delivered a message titled “Coming Home” and related his personal experience from the prodigal son’s parable. The sermon gave inspiration to young and old on how God’s grace is ever extended to sinners to find the way, shelter and solace in Him The altar call at the end of the sermon was responded to by the entire congregation and a prayer was offered on their behalf to re-dedicate their lives to the Lord. 

In the afternoon brother Balbach further encouraged the church through his presentation titled “Christ’s Method of Evangelism” This message created much interest on how to witness for the Lord as it could be seen from questions at the end of the presentation.

3. Mgcobaneni (Nelspruit)

Mgcobaneni is located in the Mpumalanga Province, east of South Africa, 50km north of Nelspruit and closer to the Kruger National Park. This area is South Africa’s part that shares borders with Mozambique and Swaziland. The church is this area is made up the Mgcobaneni Group, the Ngodini and Kruger National Park Sabbath School branches.

From the 4 th to 6 th December Bro Henda visited this area for a Spiritual meeting that was also attended by church members from other provinces including Gauteng. The Field Conference music department was also represented at this meeting. After Sabbath, the Music department introduced the youth to various musical instruments such as the Piano, Guitar, Flute, Saxophone, Violin and the Trumpet. Visitors from the community also joined the music session that followed afterwards.

4. Orlando West (Soweto)

On the 5 th December 2015 a Spiritual meeting was held in Orlando West, Soweto, Southwest of Johannesburg. The attendance of this meeting was over 250, by church members, former church members, friends, relatives, neighbours, members of other denominations from the Gauteng and other provinces. The Divine Service sermon presented by brother PD Lausevic was titled “Burden Bearers in God’s Work” The message was primarily focused on young people and secondarily all church members to consider and decide to dedicate their lives to the service of the Lord at an early age. The message was followed by an appeal to young people who took the podium to dedicate their lives anew to the Lord. 

The afternoon service was led by brother D Balbach with a presentation that shared Canvassing methods and experiences. The presentation outlined different methods of canvassing and encouraged every member of the church to do their part in saving souls to Christ. After the presentation brother PD Lausevic introduced the 2016/17 Bible Worker and Canvassing project which was followed by sharing experience from the London Canvassing project.  This served to encourage everyone present to be part of the upcoming project and start working for the Lord earnestly and diligently.

5. Alice Western Cape

In December 2015 the SAFC council hosted a Spiritual Outreach in Alice (Eastern Cape). Five out of seven Bible workers were able to attend the outreach and took the lead in doing canvassing work and distribution of tracts in the community. The Theme of the Outreach was “Where are the reapers” A number of presentations and studies were presented by Bible Workers, Field Officers and the Field Elder on a range of topics such: “Canvassing the Highest Order of Missionary Work, Young Reapers, Canvassers: Personal and Spiritual Success formula and What shall ye reap. The Lord blessed the work greatly in that over a hundred people were reached through canvassing work and distribution of tracts. A great appreciation to Alice church for hosting this program and to the young and old who headed the call and gave their support to the work in Alice.

6. Mgcobaneni 2016 

The Mgcobaneni church had a very blessed weekend of the 20th February. On Sabbath the church took part in the Lord's Supper service.  While young people were attending the their afternoon service, baptismal candidates were examined by their Field Elder and the baptismal class teacher, for their readiness. This was followed by their examination and profession of faith in front of the congregation. After Sabbath closure deaconesses were trained on how to prepare the Lord's Supper unleaven bread and unfermented wine. On Sunday morning a baptismal service was held in White River where two souls were baptised. This has served as an preparation encouragement for the next baptismal service to over 5 other candidates that are currently in the baptismal class in this local church. We thank the Lord for the souls added to His family. 

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